About a Blogger


Welcome to makesgoodhealthforever.com – a Blog that is dedicated to helping people to maintain a good health.

My name is Andrew and I’m a Technical recruiter and also a part time Blogger.

My aim is to help some people to maintain their health and give some ideas to feel better.


I want to become a successful blogger and help some people.

I will surely give some good ideas to maintain a good health and I am proud to be a blogger.

I tried to add some important points and some tips for you people to understand the importance of health.

I have also mentioned some important tips for Yoga here.

I have some experience in BPO non voice and now as a part time blogger it is my responsibility to help some people to maintain a good health.

In my experience, health is important than money. Without health nothing is important in this world.

My aim is not to start a blog to gain more money but to help some people by giving them some important points about health.

I need some guidance from you all people to give me some suggestions about my blog. This blog will be really useful for everybody to understand some important concepts of health and fitness.

Anybody can send some suggestions to the email address that I have mentioned below. Your suggestions and tips will be really helpful to me .

You can contact at my email address : andrewvdart123@gmail.com