Personal Cleanliness & Healthy Habits

Clean habits are basic to good health:

This is because the environment in which man lives is full of harmful agents and unless contact with them is avoided, one is likely to suffer from the ill effects resulting from such agents. Apart from taking a bath daily and wearing clean clothes, developing other clean habits from early childhood is of prime importance.

Personal Cleanliness & Healthy Habits: 

1.Washing feet on entering the house.
2.Washing hands thoroughly with soap and water every time after going to toilet or latrine and before taking food.
3.Cleaning teeth in the morning and again before going to bed.
4.Cleaning hair, cutting the nails short, are all examples of hygienic habits.
5.Clean habits and use of soap will reduce the chance of getting infection and spreading it to others.
6.Eyes also need special care.

Personal Cleanliness:
1.Regularity of bowel movement every day is necessary for the preservation of health. No. of motions/bowels = No. of times one takes food in a day.
2.Cleanliness is also a social responsibility and everyone should help to keep the public places like roads, parks, offices etc., clean.
3.The habits like indiscriminate spitting and throwing rubbish are detrimental to health.

Unhealthy Habits:
The best examples are of smoking and chewing of tobacco, and excessive alcohol drinking.

ILL Effects Of Smoking & Tobacco Chewing: 

1.Excessive smoking has been shown to be a causative factor in diseases like lung cancer, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, etc.
2.Smoking also causes irritation of the respiratory passage. Smokers not only have poor health bur have also a shorter life on account of the diseases mentioned above.
3.Tobacco chewing is similarly a harmful habit as this is shown to be the commonest cause of cancer of the mouth.

ILL Effects Of Smoking & Tobacco Chewing: 

1.Alcoholism is a social, moral and economic disaster, and also has a profound effect on health.
2.It may lead to mental depression, chronic gastric complaints, degeneration of the tissues of the heart and arteries, and death due to the liver failure.
3.The evidence against these harmful habits is so clear that one should not be hesitant in giving them up.

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