Importance and Use of Water

Consumption and Use of Water:

90% of diseases are due to stomach. Proper digestion of food in stomach is very important. Use of water plays an important role in digestion.
Why – Food after digestion, converts to juice and converts to blood, serum, urine, stools, etc. responsible for the body to function.

How to Drink Water:
1.Take sip by sip like Tea.
2.Take while sitting only.
3.Take in a article which is round like Lota / Chambu where surface tension is less. Glass is not a healthy article. Glass has come to India through French.

Effect of taking Cold water:
1.Stomach is made cool
2.Body cells get cool
3.All organs of body become cool
4.Body releases secretions to heat cold water for which blood is diverted from organs like Brain, Heart etc. seriously affecting them in the long run due to frequent shortfall of blood.

When to take water:
1.After one hour 30 minutes of taking food (1–2 sips to clear throat is ok)
2.If you feel thirsty, take :
• Juice – in the morning / breakfast
• Buttermilk – Afternoon / Lunch
• Milk – Night / Dinner

When Water should not be taken:
1.Do not take water immediately after :
1) Urination 2) Stools 3) Bath
2.Wait for 20 – 25 minutes, preferably take water before above activities.
3.Do not take cold water after walking in SUN & under shelter. But while in Sun it is ok.
4.Do not give cold / normal water to a person after accident.
5.Instead – give
• Hot Tea.
• Hot Water.
• Urine (if you are in forest / place where tea / hot water not readily available)

Effect of taking water after food:
Enzymes secrete immediately after eating like when a switch is ‘ON’, bulb glows.
• When digestion is going, if water is taken, enzymes become calm and food becomes stale.
• Gas generates due to stale food & cholesterol increases due to stale food.
• Gases spread throughout body & difficult to control.
• 103 diseases caused due to such gas. Example,
Acidity, Piles, Cancer etc.
• Bad Cholesterol i.e. LDL is produced when food is in stale condition

How much water to be taken?
• Water intake = [Weight / 10 – 2]

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