How to Take Food & Food Timings

How to Take Food & Food Timings:

Jataragni is strong within 02 hours of Sunrise i.e. 09.00 to 09.30 Hrs.
1.Food taken during this period will be fully utilized and converted to energy and other products necessary for the body.
2.Different body organs work efficiently at different times.
Example: –
Heart – 02 Hours before Brahmi Muhurta i.e. 02.00 to 02.30 Hrs.
Liver (similarly Jataragni) – Up to 02 hours from sunrise.

Food Timings & Quantity:
1.Lunch to be taken in the morning and not breakfast
2.Any food liked by your mind / tongue – Take in the
morning only.

Example: Sweets, Mirchi, Bajii etc.
a.Afternoon Food: – Take 1/3rd less than morning
b.Evening Food: – 40 minutes before Sunset
This habit will help a lot – Diabetes, Asthama, and Arthritis.

How to eat Food:
a.By sitting on floor is ideal.
b.‘Agni’ is generated by sitting in Sukhasana that helps in quick digestion of food eaten.
c.Eating in standing posture
• Jataragni intensity decreases a lot.
• Plate should be at a higher level than the seat
• Dining table – Sit on Chair with folded legs in Sukhasana.
How to take Food:
• Take food in peaceful mood & atmosphere.
• Do not speak or watch TV.
• Do not eat when you are in angry or emotionally disturbed state – wait at least ½ hour.
1.To make mind calm, do bhajans or read Slokas or Mantras before eating.
2.Taking food in Sukhasana or milking posture is good. Sitting in Vajrasana while taking food is not recommended for Indian conditions.

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