Yoga Postures for Beginners – Ardhachandra-asana

4. Ardhachandra-asana – The Half-moon Pose

Translation: The Sanskrit word ‘ardha’ means “half,” and the word ‘chandra’ means “moon” thus, this is the “half moon” posture.

a. Stand in the tada-asana (Stand with both feet touching from the heel to the big toe, keeping the back straight and the arms pressed slightly against the sides with palms facing inward).
b. Bring the hands together at the chest with palms lightly pressed against each other (the Anjali-mudra).
c. Inhale and raise the arms straight up keeping the palms pressed lightly together.
d. Arch your body backwards keeping your arms alongside your neck and head, tilt the head backward and hold. Keep your knees straight while holding posture.
e. Slowly return to the tada-asana.

The ardha-chandra-asana is a basic stretching and balancing pose that benefits principly the lower back, abdomen and chest.
It isequally suitable for use in your stretching routine as well as formal asana practice.
This pose is also one of the postures that are are sequenced in surya-namaskar (the Sun Salutation).

Repeat ardha-chandra-asana two to three times.

The term Asana is derived from the Sanskrit term Asi – ‘to be’ or ‘to sit’. Asanas are certain special patterns that stabilize the body and mind.
They aim at establishing a proper rhythm in the neuro muscular tonic impulses and improving the general muscle tone.

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