Tips to give Healthy Food for Children

Children need the right foods to grow and to stay healthy. They also need you to teach them how to eat well.

Eating well means getting enough foods from all four food groups:

1)grain products (breads and cereals)
2)vegetables and fruit
3)milk and milk products like milk, cheese and yogurt, and
4)meats and alternatives like chicken, fish, nuts, beans and peanut butter.

You can help your children eat well by:
1)setting a good example
2)eating healthy foods more often
3)offering meals and snacks at regular times, and
4)giving your kids a variety of foods at
meals and snacks.

Healthy eating doesn’t mean forcing kids to eat things they don’t like, or making them eat everything on their plate. The important thing
is to feed them well, and help them learn about healthy choices, so they can do the same.

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